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It all began in the early Fifth Century, when a German monk formed dough into a shape representing folded arms in prayer. Calling them "Pretiolas", or "little rewards", the monks gave them to children who were good students.


Today, The Pretzel Twister - home of Freshness with a Twist - continues the tradition of serving hot, fresh pretzels throughout the country.  Made with only the finest ingredients, hand-rolled and baked fresh, each and every one of our pretzels is a hot, delicious, fresh-from-the-oven treat. So go on, reward yourself.


Pretzel History


Year began: 1992    Franchising since: 1993


Keith Johnson saw how much his family enjoyed eating soft pretzels at a local farmers’ market and thought pretzels would be a great concept to franchise in malls. He worked at creating his own recipe for pretzels and, once the recipe was perfected, in 1992 opened the first The Pretzel Twister store in Naples, Florida.


The company began franchising in 1993, with the first franchise opened by the mother of a Naples employee.


Mouthwatering Hand-Rolled Soft Pretzels

The Pretzel Twister gourmet pretzel is a hand-rolled and twisted soft pretzel made with the finest ingredients using our exclusive Pennsylvania Dutch recipe. Flavors range from salted and cinnamon sugar to garlic and parmesan and tempting dips include hot cheeses and sweet icing.


Fresh Hand-Squeezed Lemonade

Our hand-squeezed lemonade is cool and refreshing. We use freshly squeezed lemon juice extracted from real lemons allowing for a delicious drink.


The menu is simple. Pretzels, with different flavors and toppings, give the customer a variety of choices, but don't require the store owner to learn many different products. Pretzel making is easy, and no previous food experience is necessary. Take a look at our product selection.


Outstanding Design

The layouts of Pretzel Twister stores are designed for efficiency and beauty and are versatile for almost any location.



Automated Conveyorized Ovens

Our pretzels are specially hearth baked directly on the surface of the oven just like the original pretzel bakers. The conveyorized oven assures perfectly baked pretzels every time guaranteeing consistent quality, reduced food waste, and eliminating the need for extra money for extra employees to tend the oven.


The Pretzel Twister Brand

Pretzel Twister hand-twisted soft pretzels are open in shopping malls all over the United States. Once you have tasted a soft gourmet pretzel in one of our many varieties, you will understand why they are so popular. Our concept is growing quickly - with stores opening each year - for many different reasons.


Freshness, Taste and Aroma

The pretzels are made from scratch, hand-rolled then twisted and baked right in front of the customer. The taste is unlike anything you have ever tasted before. The aroma permeates the store. Few can resist the attraction.

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