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Welcome to the Pretzel Twister Family

Opening and running a PT franchise is fun, exciting and rewarding. Who doesn't love the smell of fresh pretzels cooking in the oven! We assist you through every step of the way. Here's an overview of the process of setting up your own Pretzel Twister franchise. Before you can "roll in the dough", you gotta roll the dough. Ha, get it? Okay, we are pretzel makers not comedians. Anyway here's what you do to join the family. Welcome aboard! 



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Take a moment to review your financial eligibility.  


Startup costs for a Pretzel Twister store are low when compared to other food franchises which require expensive perishable food ingredients. Pretzels consist primary of flour, sugar, water, and yeast. Our high-speed, hearth-bake conveyor ovens simplify an already simple process. This reduces labor costs and assures the consistency of the product. 


Opening a Pretzel Twister store is easy and relatively inexpensive. Costs to open vary depending on the size and location of the store. Franchise costs are are summarized in the table below:


Low End

High End

$ 200,000

Franchise Fee, Equipment, Improvements,

Signage, Initial Supplies, Inventory, 

Security Deposits and Working Capital

$ 350,000

Franchise Fees Include the Following:

  • Pre-Opening Assistance

  • Site selection and store design assistance (Complete turnkey packages available)

  • Complete operations manual and training program including training in-class, as well as on-site training in daily operations, equipment, maintenance and more

  • Simplified and proven concepts and use of our exclusive recipes and trademarks


Additional Fees:

There is a continuing service and royalty fee of 5% of gross sales, and up to 2% of gross sales is paid into the advertising and promotion fund.


Terms of Agreement:

The terms of the agreement is for 5 to 10 years with two additional renewals at your option.



Take a moment to review your financial eligibility.

Then contact us to get the ball rolling, or should we say the dough rolling.  



Secure store/site leasing options. Finalize leasing terms and begin construction.

Comprehensive Franchise Support

From assistance in site selection, equipment leasing, store construction, marketing, and training, The Pretzel Twister team is there to help you every step of the way!


  • In-Line, Enclosed Malls or High Traffic Areas

  • 350-800 Square Feet

  • Enclosed Store or Kiosk



Grand opening, employee training and onsite operations.

Continuing Support:

  • Access to ongoing research and development in the areas of new products, equipment and packaging. We continuously work with food services distributors to negotiate the best possible prices. Continuous savings are passed directly to the franchise owners

  • Access to ongoing advertising, promotional and publicity material

  • Periodic visits by our business management consultants

  • Dedication of our staff to assist franchisees in realizing their goals

  • Continuous updates of the operations manual



Fresh Pretzels On The Move 

Food Truck franchises are now available! Serve delicious, fresh-baked Pretzel Twister products anywhere!

Contact Pretzel Twister today to learn more.


PT Food Trucks

Food Trucks
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